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When you are playing online poker games or online casino games, there is always the willingness to try out the live games. In fact, many gamers wait to visit the actual casinos simply because they can deal with live dealers. For some, the liver dealers tend to be more believable than a computer program. Also, there are some games for which having a live dealer is that much important. It ensures you to have the proper gaming experience and there’s also a human touch involved.

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At Casino StarsLive, you will be able to enjoy the various sorts of games which need a dealer. Usually, the games that need a dealer are easier to spot. But to have a dealer, it is also important that you have one that speaks your native language or English. At this online platform, you will find the dealers who speak English as well as German.

Games which have live dealers facility

Live Roulette

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If you want to play European Roulette with 37 pockets and a single zero, then that's the best place. This game is often played in other online casinos, but not here. At Casino StarsLive, you would have a live croupier who would deal the cards. All of this, you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home! You can also try switching the mode to Immersive to have a truly one of a kind experience.

Texas Hold ‘Em Live

Texas Hold ‘Em has a huge significance of the live dealer. When the cards are dealt, there are a lot of factors that depend on the dealer that decide your chances of winning. This is why this game needs to have a live dealer intact. Thankfully, at PokerStars Live, the dealers not only deal the cards, but they also speak your language. It is easier to find the ideal condition while dealing with cards online.

Baccarat Live

Baccarat game has often been very neglected in the online casinos simply because there was no live dealer. Many people suspected the game’s programming. Now Baccarat being a difficult game is not easy to win. Hence, the absence of a live dealer made it even more questionable. Thankfully, now you will be able to play it with full transparency.


At this game of Blackjack, you will deal with 52 cards on the deck. All of these shall be reshuffled periodically. If you sign up for the VIP tables, then you can also have more intimate experience – the dealers will speak in your local language if you are a German or English. The live dealer will introduce you to split and insurance bets, etc.

Caribbean stud poker live

The Caribbean stud poker game is one of the best poker games. Many people don’t know what it is – it is usually played in the same way as regular poker, but with 3 cards instead of 5. There are also side bets and bonuses which make this game even more interesting than the regular poker game.

Take advantage of the dream catcher

The dream catcher is yet another part of the game that gives you surprise wins. If the wheel stops on the number you choose, you will win. It is like roulette, but with the colors and added surprise wins, it is even more exciting. You may also stop the reels on the 7 times or 2 times multiplier. If that happens, you will be able to cash out some chunk loads of prizes.

For any queries, you may have, send an email to the PokerStars support team and also have a look at their FAQ section.